Hiring a  West Bend Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can be life-altering. The accident is just the beginning of a long and tedious process that involves filing an insurance claim, determining fault, as well as getting closure to allow one to move on with their lives. It can be daunting to have to deal with both insurance companies and the legal system to receive the compensation you are due for your accident.

This is why you need a West Bend car accident lawyer in Washington County: A car accident is unlike any other experience that can cause confusion, stress, anxiety, and even death. There is so much that happens in the hours and days that follow a collision. In the chaos, you must make important decisions that will affect your life for many years.

You Need a West Bend Car Accident Lawyer for the following:

  • Document your cause
  • Determine Fault
  • Negotiate Compensation
  • Reduce or Eliminate any Liens
  • Structure Your Settlement for Maximum Compensation

Do not attempt to do this by yourself. An experienced car accident lawyer will ensure that all accident and police reports are included in the case. They will also often speak with witnesses and the investigating officers.

An experienced lawyer will not stop trying to prove liability. Find out how to prove fault in a car accident. A good lawyer is essential for your case, especially if you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident… legal reference | Wisconsin State Law Library for car accidents

What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

Keep your vehicle at the scene of an accident. You could be charged with hit-and run if you leave the accident scene. You could face serious criminal penalties if you leave the scene of an accident where someone was injured or killed.

If you are able, take the time to check on other victims. Call 911 if someone requires medical attention. If someone is experiencing neck or back pain, do not move them unless there is an immediate danger.

Contact the police to request that someone be sent out to complete and file a report. This report will be needed later to file your insurance claim.

You must exchange basic information with others (your name and driver’s license number, as well as insurance information and your license plate number). You should be polite and civil, but don’t apologize or confess to any wrongdoing. This will make you more likely to be held liable.

Talk to witnesses about the events and get their contact information. Your lawyer will then be able to speak to them later about the incident and build your case for compensation.

Tell your insurance company the basics of the incident. Be honest and cooperate with your insurance company. Otherwise, they may deny your claim. A lawyer is also available if you have been injured in a car accident. Personal Injury Lawyer Source in West Bend offers the services of many personal injury law firms for a free consultation.

When to report a crash per West Bend, WI law


It is crucial to have all documentation regarding your injuries. However, it can be difficult to access bills and records from your health care provider. The records technically belong to you, and you have the right to access them. However, it is not the first priority of a health provider to send medical records to lawyers and patients.

Sometimes, small doctors’ offices don’t have the staffing and time required to respond to requests for medical records promptly. For medical records requests to be processed in large hospitals, there may be specific procedures that need to be followed. They will not respond to your request if you don’t comply with their procedures, which they don’t often make public.

If the provider doesn’t respond, then the records might not be complete. A paralegal or secretary to a lawyer will tell you that it is common for them to request the same records multiple times and have to keep in touch with the provider.

It may be that the doctor didn’t use the “magic words”, causation, prognosis, and disability, in his or her notes. To successfully pursue any type of personal injury case, you will need to be able to prove your case through medical evidence.

Many doctors don’t include information about the cause or extent of an injury or disability in medical records. Your lawyer will ask the doctor to write a letter informing him/her that your accident caused your disability or injury and that you will be disabled or hindered for a certain period of time.


A lien will be placed on your claim if you have received benefits from an insurer that covers workers’, health, and disability insurance. A lien is a lien that means the lien holder will get paid first before you.

This includes any settlements or judgments you receive. A good lawyer will work closely with the lien holder to reduce the lien. This is important work. Each dollar the lien holder saves is one more that you get back. Find out more about the lien health care provider on personal injury settlements.


Negotiation is a skill that requires specialized skills (some may even consider it an art). An experienced personal injury lawyer will always be better at settling car accident cases than a layperson. A skilled lawyer will know how to assess the value of the case, how to negotiate and how to best represent the client.

You can handle your car accident claim if you were not seriously injured, if you are able to gather the necessary documents and evidence, and if you are willing and able to participate in the settlement negotiations process. However, there is no substitute for the assistance of a qualified legal professional. Find out more about legal representation by reading our results from the personal injury reader survey.

If you have been in a car accident and are ready to discuss your options, you can always get a FREE West Bend car accident consultation by filling out the form on our website to find the best lawyer for your case.


There are many factors that can be considered when determining fault in a car accident. However, if certain elements are true, it becomes much easier to determine who is at fault.

Traffic laws can vary from one place to the next. An attorney can look at the circumstances leading to your accident and tell you if someone violated the rules. You will be able to identify violations of laws that are consistent in all areas. You can see examples of driving under the speed limit, running a red light or stopping at a stop sign, and driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Rear-end collisions are usually caused by the rear driver, although this is not always true. The majority of laws allow drivers to leave a distance of several cars between themselves and the vehicle in front. The rear driver has ample time to react to sudden braking and stopping by the lead driver.

Insurers may hold the driver partially responsible if they fail to keep their brake lights on and give no warning to the rear driver that there is a brake or stop, but the driver could be found liable if this happens. Often, the cars damaged in an accident with a car tells the story about how it happened and who is responsible.

Officially, the investigating officer of law enforcement will note in the report any traffic violations that occurred prior to the accident as well as their opinion about the cause of the crash. In an insurer’s determination of fault, the police reports are a significant factor. Call the nearest police station to arrange for someone to come out if the police are not there. You should always verify the report for inaccuracies.

You may be eligible for compensation if you are involved in a car accident. This will depend on where you live. In “fault” states, the person who caused the accident assumes responsibility, which often means that their insurance company will pay for the damages. The injured party can seek compensation from their insurance company via personal injury protection (PIP), even if they are the cause of the accident. Your medical expenses and certain economic losses will be covered by PIP.

Structure Your Settlement for Maximum Compensation

Your ability to get compensation for your damages can be affected by what you do on the spot of an accident or in the days following. It can be overwhelming for anyone to decide the right course of action, let alone someone who is suffering from the pain and anxiety associated with their injuries.

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